Diving Courses

1Refresher Course
This Course will take 1 day and is designed to refresh your mind in diving. We will have a short lecture and some pool training. Please remember to bring your proof of certification.
2Try Scuba Course
This course is designed to introduce you to diving. We will do a short introductory lecture followed by some pool training. This does not give you a qualification but can count towards your open water course if you decide to do the Scuba Diver course. Come and try it, you might like it!
3Scuba Diver
This course is the beginning of your Scuba diving adventures. We train from 12yrs old, it is a one week course and once qualified you can dive all over the world as long as it is to 18m only. The training includes lectures and the pool training takes place in a 5m deep pool on location. There needs to be qualifying dives which can be done inland or at the ocean. We can change our schedule to suit you and your family, even if you live in Nelspruit or Maputo or surrounding areas. Come get your scuba diver card.
4Advanced Diver Course
This course is an upgrade from scuba diver. It lets you discover other dives like navigation, night, deep and many others. This course includes 6 dives and once qualified you can dive to 40m. You can also participate in the speciality courses. Being an Advanced diver is an Advantage.
5Master Diver Course
This is an in-depth course about diving, increasing you knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of diving. A very interesting and well respected course which includes 10 lectures and 8 dives and you have to submit a project. The skills and knowledge you gain on this course makes you a competent diver. This course is definitely for the divers who take diving seriously.
6Rescue Diver and 1st Aid Course
This course helps you understand the risk of diving and gives you the knowledge, skills and ability to assist in diving emergencies. We also teach CPR techniques.
7Dive Master Course
This course teaches leadership and once qualified you may lead dives and be a very efficient underwater guide. This course helps you plan your dives and dive your plans with perfection.
8Assistant Instructor Course
This course prepares you for your Instructor Course, working side by side with an Instructor.
9Instructor Course
Becoming part of the world of instructors, teaching students and making dreams come true
  • Nitrox Diver – This course is designed to give the diver knowledge on diving on Nitrox. Being a Nitrox diver allows you to dive the Red Sea.
  • Shark Diver – Sharks are friends not food. Come learn about sharks and how to dive with them
  • Snorkelling -  We never forget the NON DIVERS and offer a special snorkelling course. This includes a lecture and some pool training and information about swimming with dolphins. So when the others are diving you can go swimming with the dolphins. Talk to us about our packages.
11DAN: Safety first..... We offer courses for the following
  • Oxygen Provider: Oxygen helps maintain life till the patient gets to a medical facility. It is useful to know how to provide oxygen to the injured person.
  • Advanced Oxygen: This course provides the skills to administer oxygen using advanced methods.
  • Automated External Defibrillation: This course provides the knowledge and skills in operating an AED machine.
  • Hazardous Marine Life Injuries: This course gives the knowledge and skills in assisting with marine life injuries.
12Internship Programmes
We take you from Scuba diver to an Instructor while working in the world of scuba. You will learn business basics, shop management, all scuba courses till instructor, gear repairs, sales and working as a team. Call us to get the programme details.